Green Swan creations are handmade, unique and upcycled; eco friendly products made with reclaimed materials from unwanted and discarded goods. Salvaged textiles, paper and vintage materials are transformed and reworked into original and contemporary products and designs for those who want to reduce their ecological footprint without sacrificing style.

Green Swan product range is focused on celebration!

fringed flag bunting

Though based in Cornwall UK the designs of Green Swan products are inspired by the ingenuity of folk from around the world who recycle mundane and discarded materials transforming them into beautiful decorations for celebrations and rites of passage.

All products are handmade, unique and upcycled; these low-tech decorations and soft furnishings are made with reclaimed and vintage materials from my locally sourced collections. As a dedicated recycler of many years I keep my carbon footprint low and support several charities by sourcing material from local charity shops a short distance away from my workroom.

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