black bunting, Jamaica & pirates

I recently attended a Goth wedding held at a beach venue in Cornwall. I made some black fringed bunting, fiesta style, for the occasion.

The wedding of Re and Danielle was a very intimate, personal and moving ceremony- more emotive than I expected! The beach setting created a very different ambiance to an inland church wedding; much more free and relaxed…but then this is Cornwall!

The fringed bunting was suitably Goth and glamourous with a selection of different textured fabrics. Velvet with glass bead & sequin embellishments, satin and devore fringes added glamour whilst fraying edges and fragile tatters added a Gothic touch.

Re and Danielle escaped from our temperamental weather on honeymoon to the sunnier shores of Jamaica.


The next day was Golowan festival in Penzance – with traffic stopped and music on the streets. Buskers played outside the Admiral Benbow, a 17th century Inn in Chapel Street. The man himself, John Benbow, had strong connections with Jamaica and this is much in evidence inside the pub; the rich interior is full of genuine maritime artifacts and memorabilia and there is also a life-size effigy of a smuggler on the roof. An inn called the Admiral Benbow is the first location in the novel Treasure Island – a novel full of pirates including my namesake Israel Hands.

Why don’t we do it in the road?’ an upholstered sit-in as the Zero Lounge took to the streets – also in Chapel Street Penzance.

A pirate ship sailed down Market Jew Street on parade….and another, the good ship Bag O’ Rags, with Captain Ben Bones’ pirate locker is moored in Penzance Harbour.

There’s always plenty of colour, action and music on the streets during Golowan not least at the fairground.

….and Pirates

The next day was Pirate Day – a challenge to the previous world record set by 6,166 pirates in Hastings in 2010…

The record for the most number of ‘pirates‘ in one place was broken by the thousands of people who gathered in Penzance, Cornwall.  A total of 8,734 people in fancy dress assembled on Penzance promenade on Sunday at 1300.

It was a beautiful day with wonderful weather but best of all was the warm, friendly atmosphere amongst the enormous crowd. Here is a small selection of the motley crew.

It felt good to know that we all contributed to charities that day. Who can resist a dressing up opportunity?

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2 Responses to black bunting, Jamaica & pirates

  1. Angie Butler says:

    Need you on board again to launch a pirate trail of magic and mystery thro Penzance streets…non but the brave may apply!!

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